LDHL180S 半片汇流条焊接机

LDHL180S 半片汇流条焊接机

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– The auto busing machine is composed of: transmission mechanism, bus bar preparation mechanism, correction mechanism, electromagnetic soldering mechanism, and etc.

– The transmission mechanism is composed of: four section belt and 6-point regulation, the regulation adopts servo screw structure, which can be switched with one key

– The bus bar preparation mechanism includes unwinding, straightening, flux spraying, cutting, traction, bending and other mechanisms

– Correction mechanism includes 9 CCD and 36 sets of servo, each string can achieve independent position compensation

– Electromagnetic soldering mechanism includes soldering control system, soldering head, soldering vacuum platform and other mechanisms


– Solve the soldering problem of the half-cut cell with three-branch type bus bar

– The machine is equipped with correction system, including 9 CCD and 36 sets of absolute value servo system

– High capacity, over 180pcs/h under stable operation

– High automation, quick and convenient thread cutting, can realize automatic switching of standard modules with different string gap

– Self-developed electromagnetic soldering system, stable and quick

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