Universal 3D Metrology

Universal 3D Metrology

Description :

3D stereo vision measurement equipment may collect the data through a calibrated multi-angle laser profile meter, to measure and analyze the characteristics of surface profile of non-transparent material products. It supports plane fitting, edge capture, calculation of 2D/3D profile and position in tolerance and flatness, 3D model comparison and image display. It can edit the motion trajectory, support multi track measurement data mapping, and support the data fusion after the upper and lower surface flip. It can also customize the measurement, edit offline task, real-time view the progress of task operation in offline state, support 3D display and man-machine interacted operation. It also supports 4 axis linked motions, safety light-curtain triggered and re-test, real-time display measurement results.


– Multi-sensor & cross-station fusion and global calibration

– Sensor configurable for different accuracy requirements, measurement accuracy is up to 5μm