Universal Assembly Module

Universal Assembly Module

Description :

The universal precision assembly module can be used for a variety of products in high precision assembly. The automatic belt conveyor is used, and the carrier can be selected based on different products with the adjustable width of the conveyor. This equipment offers multiple material feeding method and customized mechanism for pick-n-place, freely switched based on different product requirements. The universal precision assembly module can realize accurate positioning in the work zone, through the camera image of positioning, it controls the suction mechanism moving to accurate position. In addition, CCD is attached to the 6 axis manipulator, and it may achieve accurate positioning, accurate pick & place and precise assembly.


– 4/6 axis robots cooperate with various of end effectors

– Applied forhua mechanical parts/nuts/screws assembly and label attaching

– Falcon-wing door design, compatible with variety of feeding solutions


– Modular concept design, support quick line integration

– Visual guidance through up/down CCD, accuracy ±0.03mm

– Platform software for easy configuration & updates