Pouch Cell OCV Testing Tab Cutting Machine

Pouch Cell OCV Testing Tab Cutting Machine

Description :

Pouch cell OCV testing tab cutting


– Integrated with intelligent production, multi-functional integration, it can bind production data and upload to MES system

– Be compatible with 60×60×5mm~590×150×20mm size range, suitable for varied specifications of pouch cell

– Integrated with the automatic production line, and also be able to be used as a single machine, cooperating with manual production line

– Be used in PACK line of pouch cell, can be upgraded to automatic loading and unloading


– In the front part of the pouch cell module, the cells are tested for OCV and measured for the length, width and thickness

– The processing speed can reach 30ppm, which can meet the high capacity requirements

– The inspection effect is good, and one-time yield rate is high; the disposableyield rate is over 99%