Laser Welding For Stud And Shrapnel

Laser Welding For Stud And Shrapnel

Description :

The equipment is used for...


– The frame line inline operation, also can use Tray charger offline processing

– The system adopts flexible machining design, which can flexibly adjust the internal feeding module and process sequence

– The vibration plate is used for stud feeding (for special-shaped stud with notches, etc., it is optional to match the shell clip feeding system)

– The matrix material using four-axis manipulator, CCD auxiliary feeding, fast speed, high precision

– The welding position is carried out by the servo motor position changer

– Laser pulse, continuous to adapt to different welding requirements

– Mirror welding, fiber laser maintenance-free; Welding nitrogen protection, adjustable pressure and flow

– Welding effect stress probe detection, NG eliminate, intuitive and accurate


– Mobile phone shell, frame and other consumer electronics shrapnel, stud welding

– Acoustic components, vibration motor parts welding