Stack Assembly

Stack Assembly

Description :

For automatic assembly of fuel cells


– Automatic loading and unloading of various materials through the intelligent logistics system

– Stack assembly

– Scan all materials and record material information data

– High precision visual positioning for materials such as bipolar plate, MEA and end plate while stacking

– Complete the circulation between different processes of stack by robot or other means

– Servo hydraulic system is used to pressurize the electric reactor, which can control the pressure and pressure height

– The stack is packaged by means of automatic screw tightening and steel strip welding

– Conduct air tightness test on stack

– The height of stack, screw tightening torque, steel belt tension, air tightness data, various material information can be traced


– The production line is fully automatic, without manual intervention

– Adopt special optimized structure sucker to deal with MEA and bipolar plate absorption

– High stacking efficiency and alignment accuracy

– Press can accurately monitor the pressing force and gap

– Air tightness detection strategy optimization, detection time is short, high accuracy

– Stack packaging can be fully automatic, packaging force distribution evenly, secure and reliable way of fastening

– Data traceability