Laser Drilling

Laser Drilling

Description :

The equipment is used for...


– The use of picosecond laser, ultra-short pulse processing, no thermal effect

– Aperture 10μ m, roundness 95% above, hole edge neat and smooth, no thermal effect, burr and other phenomena

– CCD vision pre-scan, mark point, contour positioning, XY platform splicing accuracy 3 μm

– To support a variety of visual positioning features, such as heart circle, hollow circle, cross, l-shaped right Angle edge, image fe

– Automatic loading and unloading sysun teman , ned operation


– HDI, PCB, FPC industry drilling, blind hole

– Ceramic, glass and other hard brittle material drilling

– Micro drilling for TSV process in semiconductor microelectronics industry

– Polymer film, special metal drilling