Battery Module Line

Battery Module Line

Description :

In the field of lithum battery module/PACK, based on the advantages we have as the global leading battery equipment manufacturer, LEAD provides factory planning consultation, core special machine development, customized MES, assembly line integration, intelligent logistics warehousing, and PACK module disassembly for Cylindrical, Pouch cells, Prsmatic Can battery module production line and PACK production line.


Plan the entire plant from the perspective of equipment layout and provide a complete turnkey system solution. Based on products and processes, we provide services as production line layout planning, logistics and warehousing planning, functional area planning, personnel planning, operation guidance planning, visit planning, and safety planning, etc


– Factory-level simulation with simulation software(PDPS or Delmia)

– Including:production process simulation, assembly process simulation, robot simulation, error analysis simulation


According to customer’s products and processes, we provide customized design for production lines to meet customer capacity needs. We are able to render best services for customers with strong system integration capability, independent research and development capability, outstanding process and software support service with strict and efficient management system