Flexible Universal Assembly Line

Flexible Universal Assembly Line

Description :

The flexible universal assembly line use a six-axis robot, which can realize the functions of surface profile dispensing, locking, assembly and automatic pressing through the visual guidance of the high-precision camera and the coordination of the executive parts. The innovative modularization design of the line can realize rapid integration and upgrade, thus saving the maximum cost. And the whole line integrates the platform software function, which can easily and quickly complete the parameter adjustment and configuration upgrade. Intelligent and digital design ensures traceability of the whole manufacturing process through data uploading MES platform.


– Fixtures flow on forward/return conveyors, compatible with 4 and 6 axis robot assembly

– Support for dispensing, screwing, assembly, pressing

– Option for vision system, stacker, feeder, etc.


– Modular design, support quick line integration

– Standardized design, support quick retrofit

– Platform software for easy configuration & updates