Wafer Nondestructive Dicing

Wafer Nondestructive Dicing

Description :

The equipment is used for...


– Independent research and development, with international advanced level

– Using pico-second/femtosecond laser as cutting tool, cutting lines of superior quality (optional: multi-focus cutting head), no contact processing stress, can improve the quality of grain cutting and cutting efficiency

– High processing quality, good beam quality, suitable for precision, fine scribing, effectively reduce chip back collapse chipping and microcrack

– Spot size: 1-3μm

– Ceramic plate: 2-8 inch, 8-12 inch

– Accuracy: ≤ ± 1μ m with auto fixing and online monitor

– Power auto compensation

– Auto measuring height and compensation

– Modular design and deep customize every modules

– Film expand and wafer cleavage quipments are optional selected


– Suitable for semiconductor and wafer cutting