Stacking Machine

Stacking Machine

Description :

The stacking machine alternately stacked the prefabricated positive / negative electrodes to form the Z type stacked cells, and after taping, the cells are transferred to later process.


– Tension Fluctuation : Within 10%

– Separator Correction: Modified to monolithic Correction, one for the normal run, one for backup, switching over automatically, automatic discharging the waste

– Special anti over suction

– CCD positioning, positioning accuracy: ±0.05mm

– Switchable fixture, and easy to switch


– Separator cutting method: heat cutting or sawtooth cutting

– Feeding end roll glue function, the number of end roll circle can be set freely

– Resistance, thickness, weight measurement of insulation

– Heat pressing of loading

– Taping method: U-shaped or horizontal

– Unloading method: by tray or magazine

– The top and bottom of electrodes can be semi-smeared