Digital Cell Integrated Welding and Winding Machine

Digital Cell Integrated Welding and Winding Machine

Description :

The equipment is used for the automatic winding machine for the production of square lithium ion battery. It is used for the welding of the ears, the tape protection, the winding of cathode, anode and diaphragm.



– Double hanging shafts for unwinding, automatic & uninterrupted electrode connection

– Control system: Servo, closed loop, low tension, and precise real-time measurement and monitoring for winding tension

– Variable angular speed (constant linear speed) high-speed winding, which can adapt to different needle widths, more convenient for model switching

– EPC correction, s-type correction, clamping correction, feeding correction

– Ultrasonic welding energy detection, multiple dust removal and iron removal, and end taping detection to ensure the quality of cells

– CCD to detect position of closed-loop control sealant after tab ultrasonic welding


– Automatic separator replacement

– CCD to detect the accuracy of protection taping

– Hot melt adhesive to collect centrifugal paper

– CCD online detection for alignment of electrode and separator

– Correction closed-loop to control winding alignment

– FFU air purification

– Separate unloading of each NG without separator

– CCD to detect the tab center distance

– Heat pressing before cells unloading

– Dust removal by brush and air knife