18650/21700 Cylindrical Cell Winding Machine

18650/21700 Cylindrical Cell Winding Machine

Description :

The equipment is a fully automatic winding machine for the production of cylindrical lithium ion batteries. It is used for welding electrode tabs and automatic winding of electrode and separator.


– Control system: low tension & precise real-time measurement and monitoring

– EPC correction, s-type correction, pancake insertion correction

– Multiple inspections, such as welding energy testing and end taping to ensure cell quality

– Compatible with peripheral Anode electrode and separator, suitable for multiple cell models


– Automatic separator roll replacement

– Online CCD detection for protective tape

– FFU air purification system

– Automatic uploading into trays/ fixture

– Roundness detection

– Tabs welding function

– Online detection function for Cathode tab upwarp

– Probe online detection for tab protection tape