Prismatic Aluminum Shell Cell Winding Machine

Prismatic Aluminum Shell Cell Winding Machine

Description :

The equipment is mainly used for the automatic winding of the cells of the prismatic aluminum shell battery. The positive negative electrodes and separator are automatically unwinded. After automatic correction, automatic tension control, the automatic winding is carried out along with the separator according to the technical requirements.


– Control system: servo. closed loop. low tension, precise real-time measurement and monitoring of winding tension, tension fluctuation≤ ±3%

– EPC correction, s-type correction, clamping correction function

– High-speed winding, maximum design linear speed: 3000mm/s

– Unload cells by clamping to avoid separator mis-alignment when pulling needles out of cells


– Turret module: two stations/three stations

– Automatic separator replacement

– Automatic pancake replacement

– Unloading module

– Dust removal

– protection taping of the electrode cutting

– Appearance inspection CCD module

– CCD at the winding position

– Hi-Pot detection

– Barcode taping