Slurry Preparation Equipment

Slurry Preparation Equipment

Description :

Suitable for fuel cell slurry mixing and dispersion


– Three Dispersing units are adopted on this machine, each dispersing unit operates independently. Customers are allowed to control
these units and switch from one to another according to the working condition

– All components that contact directly with catalyst slurry are made by anti-corrosion material Fluorine-containing slurry can be
processed in this machine

– This slurry system is equipped with a vacuum system to eliminate bubbles generated in the process of high speed dispersing

– A self –cleaning system is adopted on the dispersing machine

– Dispersing tank is designed into a fast disassembling structure (patented), so as to transfer slurry conveniently as well as clean the
tank automatically

– Multiple temperature checkpoints assure the accuracy of temperature control

– This machine is equipped with a high performance control system and other sensors to ensure the stability, and can be connected
with MES system