Gap and Flatness Detection of Four-door-two-cover

Gap and Flatness Detection of Four-door-two-cover

Description :

LEAD visual R&D team has rich 2D/3D visual inspection experience in many fields. By applying the independently developed visual inspection software system and algorithm, we can provide automatic solutions for the detection requirements in the process of auto assembly and pack automatic assembly.


– Pit & Scratch Detection:Pit & scratch detection, surface dirty spot detection

– Pokayoke Inspection:Parts assembly identification for mistake, missing & losing

– Gap Surface Difference Matching:Four doors and two covers gap matching, front bar assembly matching detection, headlamp gap matching detection

– Process Quality Control: Glue track monitoring, equipment error prevention & mark


– 3D”REAL” model reconstruction & height mapping by own patented algorithm

– Fast & stable image processing by self-designed embedded system

– Multi-sensor & cross-station fusion and full-space calibration

– Self-designed software to support rapid & precise data analyzing

– AI& deep learning brought in for defect model training