LEAD is dominating the global market! Signed 20GWh contract with Volkswagen.


Recently, LEAD concluded a contract with Volkswagen to deliver 20GWh lithium battery manufacturing equipment, accounting for over 65% of the total equipment quantity. This cooperation is a hallmark for LEAD to secure its leading role in the European market and marks a new era of LEAD’s global operation.



Volkswagen is a trailblazer in promoting global electrification. To accelerate electrification transformation, Volkswagen announced EUR 30 billion investment to build 6 battery factories in Europe. For the first 20GWh factory in Salzgitter, LEAD will provide Volkswagen with lithium battery equipment including calendering, roll baking, cell assembly line, electrolyte filling, cell baking, formation & aging, and the whole line logistics. LEAD will become the core supplier for the making of Volkswagen 240GWh Giga factory by 2030.



As a world-class automobile manufacturer, Volkswagen has strict quality standards and requirements for suppliers. With high equipment quality and performance, LEAD has won recognition and trust from Volkswagen. In addition to that, LEAD has become a core equipment supplier to several other European battery manufacturers. LEAD is now commonly recognized by the customers with its whole line delivery capabilities and European localized services.

The success of LEAD is a result of its global operation strategy. At the early stage of the new energy industry, LEAD put forward the forward-looking global operation strategy, established multiple subsidiaries in Europe, and asserted unwavering efforts for localization. Now, LEAD is having more than 100 local employees and over 1,100 engineers dedicated to the service of overseas customers. Moreover, LEAD has built a mature European local supply chain and sealed strategic cooperation with many core suppliers such as SIEMENS, ABB, FESTO.


With the global effort of “Carbon Neutral”, the new energy industry has entered a period of rapid development. LEAD is upholding its global operation strategy, building a community of shared services and value in various countries and regions, and continuously promoting and accelerating the innovation of the industry with its technological strength. At present, LEAD has established over 10 subsidiaries around the world, playing an increasingly important role in the global market. Without a doubt, LEAD will continue to expand its share in the global under the propelling of global electrification.

Carrying the goal of becoming the leading brand in new energy equipment, LEAD will continue to deepen its strategic operations to contribute to global “Carbon Peak, Carbon Neutral”, industry development and offer more efficient and intelligent equipment to benefit the cause of low carbon and green world of mankind.