Development History Development history
  • (中文) 2020年5月, 国内首条先导自主研发200PPM圆柱电池整线成功下线。
  • (中文) 2020年2月,无锡集成电路装备与材料产业园正式签约。
  • (中文) 2019年12月,先导智能荣获“年度十佳表现上市公司”与“年度客户信赖品牌—模组及PACK生产线”奖项。
  • (中文) 2019年12月,先导智能获评“无锡产业强市优秀企业”。
  • (中文) 2019年11月,先导智能入选工信部“制造业单项冠军示范企业”。
  • (中文) 2019年10月,宁德时代董事长兼CEO曾毓群一行莅临考察先导。
  • (中文) 2019年10月,先导智能20周年庆典暨新能源高端装备制造基地全面投产。
  • (中文) 2019年10月,娄勤俭胡和平刘国中视察先导智能。
  • (中文) 2019年9月,先导智能中标工信部“2019年智能制造系统解决方案供应商”。
  • (中文) 2019年9月,先导智能董事长王燕清出席丹麦Blue World 工厂动土仪式并签署1.2亿采购意向合同。
  • (中文) 2018年12月,先导智能再获宁德时代2018设备类唯一优秀供应商。
  • (中文) 2018年12月,先导智能荣获高工锂电“年度十大设备企业”、“年度十佳上市公司”、“年度创新技术奖金球奖”、“年度备受客户信赖产品奖金球奖”四大殊荣。
  • (中文) 2018年12月,江苏省委常委、统战部长杨岳参观先导。
  • (中文) 2018年10月,全国人大常委会副委员长、民革中央主席万鄂湘参观先导。
  • (中文) 2018年9月,董事长王燕清入选福布斯2018中国上市公司50位最佳CEO榜。
  • (中文) 2018年7月,先导智能与通威太阳能建立全方位战略合作伙伴关系。
  • (中文) 2018年6月,中国企业联合会常务副会长兼理事长朱宏任先生考察调研先导。
  • (中文) 2018年5月,先导智能首次发布光伏电池及组件智能制造整线解决方案。
  • Awarded as “2017 The 10th Wuxi Patent Award – Gold Award”
  • Lithium Ion Battery Welding and Winding Machine was awarded The 3rd Prize of Jiangsu Province Science and Technology Award
  • Awarded as “Jiangsu Province Management Innovation Demonstration Enterprise”, “Southern Jiangsu National Independent Innovation Demonstration Zone Gazelle Enterprise”
  • Power Lithium Ion Battery Winding Machine was awarded as “The First (set) Major Equipment in Jiangsu Province”
  • LEAD succeeded in the buyout of Zhuhai Titan New Power Electronics Co., Ltd.
  • Quadrate Lithium-ion Battery welding and winding machine was awarded “Wuxi brand-name products”and “brand-name products in Jiangsu”
  • Awarded as “Management Innovation Outstanding Enterprises in Jiangsu Province”
  • Wang Yanqing, Chairman of Wuxi Lead, was awarded “Outstanding Entrepreneur in Jiangsu Province”
  • Awarded as the first “Intellectual Property Protection and Inspection Laws Service Point”
  • Lu Yongxiang, Vice Chairman of the Standing Committee of the 11th National People ‘s Congress, visited Wuxi Lead for Research
  • May 18th,our company listed on the Shenzhen Stock Exchange. Stock abbreviation: Lead Shares. Stock code: 300450
  • Pass the National Informatization and Industrialization system certification
  • Successfully developed core equipment used for cylindrical power Li-ion battery –Cylindrical Battery Auto Winding Machine
  • Luo Zhijun, Secretary of Jiangsu Provincial Party and Li Xueyong, governor of Jiangsu Province inspected Wuxi Lead
  • Awarded as “Demonstration of Intelligent Workshop in Jiangsu Province”
  • Pass the National Informatization and Industrialization system certification
  • Top Leader of Panasonic visits Wuxi Lead
  • Power battery equipments and digital battery equipments rank the first in China; power battery equipments used for battery manufacturing of BMW,Yutong Bus; Digital battery equipments used for battery manufacturing of iPhone, tablet PC
  • Awarded as the test unit for Informatization and Industrialization system
  • Successfully design die-cutting machine for electrode
  • Successfully design shape and assembly machine for lithium battery
  • Successfully design power lithium battery winding machine for electric vehicle
  • Successfully design welding and winding machine for digital lithium battery
  • Solar cell chip welding machine won the gold medal of excellent new product in Jiangsu
  • Wuxi Lead was rewarded as “Jiangsu Science and Technology Small and Medium-sized Enterprise”,“Jiangsu Intelligentized Equipments Pilot Enterprise”and “Jiangsu Pilot and Qualified Enterprise for Standard Management of Intellectual Property” Cell Jointing Stringer for solar energy won the Excellent New Products Achievement Award of Jiangsu
  • Successfully design new type TAB welding machine for lithium battery
  • Successfully design slitting machine for lithium battery electrode
  • Wuxi Lead was rewarded as “Jiangsu Enterprise Technology Center”,“Jiangsu Engineering Technology Research Center” and “Jiangsu Integration of Informationization and industrialization Pioneer Enterprise”
  • Pass ISO14001:2004 environment management system certificate
  • Successfully design three-layer oven electrolytic capacitor aging testing m/c for high voltage big capacity electrolytic capacitor in frequency transformer
  • Successfully design silicon wafer auto stringer for PV industry
  • Successfully design large diameter 150mm film capacitor LDW1500 auto winding m/c for new energy
  • Successfully design LDW185XL 2.8um thin film capacitor auto winding m/c to replace imported equipment
  • Successfully design mandrel & cylindrical metalized film capacitor LDW380 auto winding machine to replace imported equipment
  • High voltage auto winding machine was exported to NISSIN
  • Be awarded as “Wuxi City Enterprise Technology Center” and “Capacitor Automation Equipment Engineering Technology Research Center”
  • On Dec. 27th, 2011, Lead became a joint-stock market: Wuxi Lead Auto Equipment Co., Ltd
  • Move to new plant in NO. 20 Xinxi Road, New & High Tech Industrial area. The new plant occupies 26000 m2with building area of 30000m2
  • Successfully design lithium battery LBXH200 vacuum auto filling m/c
  • Successfully design power lithium battery LBXH100 electrode auto assembly m/c
  • Successfully design 300mm super large diameter high-voltage power capacitor auto winding machine, exporting to Malaysia
  • Successfully design LDS750 high speed wave cutting slitting m/c to replace imported machine
  • Successfully design CVT auto winding m/c
  • Awarded Jiangsu “New & High-tech Enterprise” title;
  • Design lithium battery equipment for SONY
  • Provide equipment for KEMET USA
  • Successfully design lithium battery welding machine
  • Provide power capacitor auto winding machine for USA Cooper
  • Design equipments of solar energy cell auto production line for Wuxi Suntech
  • Export auto winding machine to USA
  • Set up lithium battery department to start up in this field
  • Provide equipment for OKAYA Japan
  • Successfully design LDWS522 auto assembly m/c for safety box capacitor
  • Successfully design WHC500 high voltage auto winding m/c to replace importedequipment
  • Successfully design 8 gun auto spray m/c LX880 auto spray m/c
  • Successfully design safety box capacitor multi-functional testing m/c DTS224 auto sorting m/c to replace imported equipment
  • Successfully design Ω shape auto masking m/c FM800
  • Successfully design LD2800 auto spray m/c to replace imported equipment
  • Successfully design CB20 vacuum epoxy filling m/c
  • Pass ISO9001:2008 Quality Management System Certification
  • Provide equipments for Japan TDK(and EPCOS plants in China, Brazil, India etc)
  • Successfully designed HAC2500 auto clearing m/c
  • Successfully design low voltage power capacitor auto testing m/c PFC1020/PFT45 auto testing m/c
  • Fala Electronics SC512 Auto Spray M/C(spray one by one) to replace imported equipment
  • Successfully design low temperature distance LD15C spray gun system to replace imports
  • Move to new 4000m2plant in Wuxi New & High Tech Industrial area Singapore Industrial Park
  • Start providing equipment for Fala Electronics
  • Successfully design AC capacitor auto testing m/c—ACT2002/ACT2003 Auto Testing M/C
  • Establish Wuxi Lead Auto Equipment Co., Ltd, and purchase 4000m² land in New & High Tech Industrial area Singapore Industrial Park
  • Successfully design AC capacitor automatic testing M/C ACT2001 automatic testing M/C
  • Start providing capacitor equipment for Japan Panasonic