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Wuxi Lead Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd.

Wuxi Lead Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., established in 2002, has become the world's leading manufacturer of new energy equipment. LEAD mainly focus on seven industry, including Lithium-ion battery, Photovoltaic, 3C, warehouse & logistics system, automobile,fuel cell and Laser. Currently, LEAD has 300,000+ square meters for manufacturing and R&D, 7500+ employees, including 2,500+ R&D engineers.

In 2015, LEAD was successfully listed on the Shenzhen GEM, stock code 300450. With average stock value greater than five billion USD, LEAD now has become the No.1 listed LIB equipment manufacturer. As we can see, along with the rapid growth of LIB industry and increasing intensification, the future production and operation have to be more intelligent and efficient. Having predicted the constant upgrades of customers’ requirements, LEAD is now dedicated to provide one-stop turnkey solution with the vision “to be the customer-centric, world-class turnkey solution provider of intelligent manufacturing”, including consulting, design, manufacture, installation, commissioning, training and future upgrades, to continuously enhance the customer experience.

As the world's leading LIB equipment manufacturer, LEAD has established strategic cooperation with Panasonic, Sony, Samsung SDI, LG Chem, ATL, CATL, BYD and other well-known battery enterprises. To provide customers whole line turnkey solution, LEAD has introduced first-class PhDs research and development team.

In 2017, LEAD succeeded in the buyout of Zhuhai Titan New Power Electronics Co., Ltd., which focus on providing turnkey solution that includes equipment of formation, grouping, and corresponding logistics system. LEAD is dedicated to build intelligent plants for Lithium ion battery enterprises. Nowadays, LEAD is able to provide whole line turnkey solution for LIB manufacturing, including equipment such as slurrying, mixing, coating, calendering, slitting, winding/stacking, assembling, formation and grouping, as well as logistics system and independently-developed MES.

LEAD understands the constant upgrades of market and customers’ requirements thoroughly, hence we insist on international strategy, integration of global resources and setting up offices and service branches globally to keep our technology always at a top position. Currently, we have exported products to more than 20 countries and regions, such as the United States, Germany, Japan, and India. Besides, we have established five subsidiaries/branches globally, with 50+ services outlets. With this, we can serve global customers with global technology, to get global support.

Always focusing on the diversification of new energy intelligent equipment industry chain, LEAD has formed a business structure with diversified development of multiple business divisions, related to each other. Nowadays, our industry chain has extended from Photovoltaic and Lithium ion battery equipment to 3C industry, fuel cell, and automobile, professional intelligent logistics system and laser industry, to enhance the comprehensive competitive advantage of each branch industry.

In the photovoltaic industry, LEAD has established strategic cooperation with GCL, LONGi, Canadian Solar, Trina Solar, Tongwei, Jinko Solar, JA solar and other enterprises. We have introduced a PhDs team from Finland, Singapore, and Japan, and we cooperate with the UNSW to develop the key intelligent equipment that can improve conversion efficiency of solar cells. Nowadays, LEAD has reached world leading level in ALD Passivation System, Stringer, MBB Stringer and Shingling stringer. LEAD now is capable to build “Fully Automatic Factory” for PV enterprises, with independently developed MES system.

In 3C industry, the LEAD has introduced a world-class R&D team, and technology has reached the world's leading level in the visual technology, software development, testing, assembly and others, which enables to provide solutions for mobile phones, tablet PCs, monitors, camera modules and other industries.

Intelligent logistics division ---It has provided leading intelligent warehousing and logistics solutions for CALB, CATL, Tongwei Group, Canadian Solar, eTrust Power, EVE and other customers, takes “flexible” and “intelligent” manufacturing as the core, to help customers solve various problems in warehouse logistics  management process,enhance the efficiency of warehousing operations, improve the accuracy of inventory and turnover rate, provide flexible management platform and intelligent solutions for customers.

Based on the strength accumulated in new energy vehicle related industries, LEAD has successfully entered automobile production industry and related field. For automotive assembly, welding, battery Module & PACK, motor assembly, with self-developed vision software system, aluminum body connection, big data analysis and other technologies, LEAD provides various solutions, from key equipment to the whole line integration into the MES system.

In the field of intelligent fuel cell manufacturing, LEAD has introduced a high-level team with years of experience, dedicated to developing and industrializing hydrogen fuel cell intelligent manufacturing, advanced fuel cell testing and hydrogen production and storage, aiming to fill in some domestic gaps and promote the development of fuel cell.

By integrating advantages and overall arranging the whole industry chain, relying on the precision machining, professional visual algorithms and software development, Lead provides leading turnkey solution for its customers.

By integrating advantages and overall arranging the whole industry chain, relying on the precision machining, professional visual algorithms and software development, Lead provides leading turnkey solution for its customers.