Media Focus: More than 20 Central and Provincial Media Interviewed Wuxi Lead


On August 9th morning, twenty three media fromPeople’s Daily, Xinhua News Agency, Guangming Daily, Science and TechnologyDaily, China News Service, For the Public Good, Hong Kong Business Daily;Xinhua Daily, Jiangsu Radio, Jiangsu Satellite TV, Yangzi Evening News, ModernExpress; People’s Daily Net, Xinhua Net, China Jiangsu Net, Jiaohuidian, LycheeNews, Netease, Sina, Wuxi TV Station and Wuxi Publishing Studio came to WuxiLead and had an interview on the rapid development of industry informatizationand intelligent manufacturing of the company in recent years with the subjectof “walk into Internet of Things, focus on intelligence industry”.

Wuxi Lead was established in 2002, it is a company specialized in intelligentmanufacturing equipments of lithium battery and photovoltaic module. The technologicalof many products has achieved international advanced and domestic leading leveland Wuxi Lead now is the biggest lithium battery automation equipmentmanufacturer all around the world. In the realization of its own intelligencein production, Wuxi Lead relies on its strong strength of scientific research andadvanced technology level of Internet of Things and big data, Wuxi Lead takesthe first to build “Lead Cloud” to help more manufacture companiesachieve intelligence in production, realize “Industry 4.0” andestablish collaborative platform of the whole value chain.

With the arrival of intelligent age, theproduction mode of Wuxi Lead has changed profoundly. Now more and more customersmake requests for customized intelligent transformation. To accelerate theestablishment of intelligent workshop, the “Lead Cloud” jointlydeveloped by Wuxi Lead and IBM emerges to the public, “Lead Cloud”cooperates with OA system, big data, cloud computing and technologies torealize the collaborative management, virtualization production, flexibilityproduction, automatic production and the service oriented extension of therelevant productions and develop the “Industry 4.0” workshops withdata linkage.

The key to flexibility production is standardization, when integratingthe production management systems like PDM, ERP, MES from different manufacturesto intelligent workshop integrated management platform, Wuxi Lead formulatesuniform standards to guarantee the match and unification of technology, processand data. At the same time, the platform will reserve an open port. Once the requirementsof the order change, relevant departments will readjust the technology, processand data to guarantee the manufacturers’ volume production of various products.

Wuxi Lead was awarded as “Jiangsu Intelligentized Equipments PilotEnterprise” in 2013. In June 2015, the digital intelligent workshop projectwas selected in the first batch of “Demonstration of Intelligent Workshop inJiangsu Province”. According to the introduction, Wuxi Lead digitalintelligent workshop integrated management system initiatively realize theinterconnection between person to person, person to machine, machine to machineand service to service in the medium-sized and small enterprises. The systemdrives the company’s efficient production, quick response and flexibilityproduction by data and helps workshops achieve the intelligent production. Accordingto data, after using this system, the on-time consignment rate will reach 95%,the inventory turnover rate will increase 30%, the efficiency and accuracy rateof data processing and statistical statement making will 6 times higher thanbefore, the overall management level and production efficiency will promotegreatly.

Atthe same time, Wuxi Lead can provide solutions for integrated system andintelligent workshop to develop the ideal intelligent workshops for variouscustomers. The client usage scenario of Internet of Things is equipment remotemonitor and maintenance management. The operating data will be collected inreal time through the DTU module established in the equipment. This can realizethe equipment predictive maintenance, running status monitoring, operatingefficiency analysis, remote control and maintenance and eventually achieve thepurpose of decreasing cost and increasing efficiency for the company: decreasethe operation and maintenance cost of equipment, increase the response speed ofafter sale service and manage the whole life cycle of equipments.