Battery enterprises begin to be involved in 18650 power battery; Equipments form Lead not meet the demand.


In 2015 the domestic sales of newenergy vehicles reached more than 330,000, an increase of 3.4 times. FromJanuary to September 2016, sales of new energy vehicles was 289,000, doubledover the same period last year. It is expected that the annual auto salestarget will be about 50 million units. New energy vehicle production and salesare booming, driving lithium battery companies to expand. It is expected in2016 that the demand for battery power will be more than 20Gwh, which will behard to meet the demand.

In the field of power batteries,with the production process, energy density, cost control and other aspects ofthe accumulation of advantages, 18650 battery technology has become animportant route of choice, taking Tesla as the representative. The Tesla ModelS battery pack consists of 7104 pieces of 18650 lithium batteries. Led by Tesla,18650 power battery demand will burst out.

From 2008, Wuxi Lead began to enterthe field of lithium equipment, after years of accumulation, Wuxi Lead hasbecome the world’s largest professional manufacturer of lithium batteryautomation equipment. The company has a large R & D team. It has beencertified to be the a technology center in Jiangsu Province, Jiangsu lithiumbattery equipment engineering center, and a number of its equipment has beenidentified as high-tech products, with technology and performance being theworld advanced level, which can replace imported equipment from Japan and Korea.At present, it is worth noting that the latest advanced 18650/21700 powerbattery winding machine has been accepted by Panasonic Corporation, it has beenput into mass production in the first half of this year.

Wuxi Lead 18650/21700 power batterywinding machine has made remarkable achievements, the maximum capacity of whichcan reach 30PPM, comprehensively surpassing Japan and South Korea, becoming theworld’s most efficient 18650 battery winding machine. In terms ofcompatibility, we all know that the domestic lithium battery manufacturersgenerally adopt a conventional dual-tab 18650 battery. However, with theexpansion of the electric vehicle market demand, the three-tab 18650 batteryand four-tab 21700 battery demand has expanded dramatically. The 18650/21700power battery winding machine has advantageous compatibility of achievingdifferent types of batteries production.

In terms of winding accuracy, the 18650/21700power battery winding machine developed by Lead uses a more advanced correctiontechnology to improve the alignment of batteries winding. The improvement ofthis technology is conducive to lithium battery manufacturers to change theprocess, improve battery capacity, to realize the maximum degree of windingaccuracy. In addition, for product safety, the design of the machine will givefull consideration to the quality of batteries, such as dust prevention, burrprevention, appropriate selection of parts and materials, and so on, makingsafety first. Equipment security, reliability has meet the high requirements ofPanasonic.

As the first lithium battery equipmententerprise landing of the capital market, Wuxi Lead is committed to providinghigh-end customers with safe and efficient intelligent equipment. At present,the 18650/21700 power battery winding machine from Lead is in full swing inhigh-volume production orders; the company will actively expand production tokeep up with the battery business equipment needs. In the future, the Lead willcontinue to forge ahead, and vigorously promote the application of intelligentequipment, speeding up the construction of intelligent factories, and createideal intelligent factories for customers to achieve industrial 4.0 goals.