Wuxi Lead New Production Base and New Project Kicks off


Onthe morning of 15th December, Wuxi Lead Intelligent Equipment Co.,Ltd. Lithium Battery and 3C High-end Intelligent Equipment Production BaseFoundation Laying and New Project Signing Ceremony was held in Xinwu Districtof Wuxi. Li Xiaoming, member of Provincial Standing Committee and General secretaryof municipal Party committee, and Chen Derong, the chairman of the MunicipalCommittee, United Front Work Department, the Municipal Federation of tradeunions, attended the ceremony.

Afterthe development and transformation over a decade, Wuxi Lead has become thelargest Lithium battery high-end equipment manufacturer all over the world. Asthe booming demand of new energy vehicles and power Lithium batteries, thesupply of new Lithium battery equipment from Lead falls short to the greatdemand from the market. The new production base will, to certain degree,alleviate this situation. In addition, Wuxi Lead will further extend its mainbusiness in automation equipment field. Facing the million-value market of 3Cintelligent terminals, Wuxi Lead will lay out its business in this field andinvolve in 3C automation assembly and testing equipments to supply testingequipment for high-end smart phones.

Itis learnt that the new production base locates in A88 land in Wuxi High & Newtech industrial zone, and the total investment value is 1 billion Yuan. TheLithium battery equipment manufactured is mainly for well-known power lithiumbattery manufactures like Panasonic. 3C testing equipment could inspect andtest high-end smart phones like Apple and Huawei, etc.

Meanwhile,Wuxi Lead Investment and Development Company is negotiating with XinwuWangzhuang Street Office concerning ALD Micro-Nano Device Manufacturing Projectand Cloud Computing Data Center Project Based on Atomic Layer DepositionTechnology. The Project is planned to occupy an area of 200 acres with aninvestment value of 2.5 billion Yuan with two construction phases. On Site,Wuxi Lead Investment and Wangzhuang Street signed the cooperation framework.

Mr.Wang Yanqing, Chairman of Wuxi Lead said that intelligent manufacturing is animportant way for Wuxi industrial transformation and upgradation, and Wuxi Leadhas to be the leader of strategy of reinforce the city with industry and torevitalize Wuxi industry. These projects will become the important support ofintelligent manufacturing and industrialization to promote the social andeconomic development of Wuxi.