Wuxi Lead Appeared in CCTV New Once Again


In the evening of April 6, CCTV news reportedWuxi Lead in an important position with the title “Jiangsu: intelligentmanufacturing to promote the manufacturing industry to climb the high-end” Wuxi Lead Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., as the typical intelligentmanufacturing enterprise in Jiangsu Province, shows that intelligentmanufacturing is the main direction for Wuxi Lead to promote the manufacturingindustry to the high-end.

It is reported that in order to deepen thesupply side of the structural reform, Jiangsu Province, started with themanufacturing industry and insisted it as the main direction to promote themanufacturing industry to the high-end.

The production of electric vehicles lithiumbattery key equipment “multi-tab battery EV winding machine” in WuxiLead Intelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., has filled the domestic high-end lithiumbattery production equipment blank. This equipment was independently developedby the company with linear speed of 800 mm per second and accuracy control of0.3 mm, achieving the improvement of both production rate and quality.

Such explosive and leading new growth pointcan not do without the full promotion of Jiangsu Province government. In orderto support the development of this equipment, Jiangsu Province sponsored 10million yuan for special funding; in the land use, the local government brokethe routine and opened green channel. With government support, Wuxi Lead couldspend 6% of their annual sales revenue on research and development toaccelerate development with innovation.

Mr. Wang Yanqing, the chairman, said: Wealso prepare to acquire equipment manufacturers of later process line to getthrough the entire power battery production line. The goal is to providecustomers with “manufacturing + service”, making a national band of highend intelligent manufacturer.

In addition, in the recent convening of theprovince’s manufacturing conference, Chairman Wang Yanqing of Wuxi LeadIntelligent Equipment Co., Ltd., attend as Wuxi’s only business representative,made a speech in the conference. Today, as a typical manufacturer ofintelligent manufacturing, Wuxi Lead was also reported by CCTV news; it is to theletter of “Internet star business.” In 2016, the company achievedtotal operating income of 1.079 billion yuan, an increase of 101.26%; netprofit of 291 million yuan, an increase of 99.68%. Wuxi Lead always takesindependent innovation as the core of enhancing the competitiveness ofenterprises. The company has an existing area of 6800 square meters of researchand development centers, and the company is planning to build a new plant willalso add an area of 10,000 square meters for research and development.