Wuxi Lead Intelligent plans to acquire Titan with 1.35 billion Yuan to expand its Lithium battery equipment map


This morning, Lead Intelligent (300450)announced that the company intends to issue shares and pay the cash price of1.35 billion yuan to buy Titan 100% stake in power. The issue of shares to buyshares of the issue price of 33.98 yuan / share. At the same time, LeadIntelligent is intended to inquiry the wisdom of not more than five specificinvestors to raise non-public offering of shares of funds not more than 621million yuan.

Data shows that the Titan is a professionalmanufacturers, of R & D, manufacturing and sales of energy recoverybatteries in aging, clearing, sorting and automated warehousing logistics andall types of batteries and module testing equipment, and its products widelyused in high-quality lithium batteries Production industry. Titan New Power100% stake has an estimated value of 1.38 billion yuan. With the consultationof parties of the transaction in , Lead Intelligent is to buy Titan New Power100% stake in the transaction price of 1.35 billion yuan, and will determinethe final transaction price afterevaluation.

Lead Intelligent said that after thecompletion of the transaction, the company will further expand the source ofrevenue, decentralized business risks. At the same time, the company can takefull advantage of its own platform and accumulated rich experience inmanagement and mature sales channels to improve sales ability of Titan newpower in the lithium electronic automation equipment manufacturing industry,speeding up its business expansion efforts to further enhance the Titan corecompetitiveness , and thus enhance the company’s profitability.