[Golden Globe Award in 2016]Wuxi Lead was awarded “Annual performance of listed companies “and” Annual innovation products “


With the theme of “find newimpetus to the industry”, the Golden Globe Award from Professional LBMonthly is to measure the value with reputation, seize the opportunity withinnovation, to win the market with quality. Over the years, the Golden GlobeAward acts as a benchmark for industrial innovation and brand influence. The 24awards cover materials, equipment, batteries, PACK, BMS, electrical, electroniccontrol, vehicle and so on , the selection period covers six months with theways of wechat-voting, expert review, product evaluation, research visits andother links, covering new energy automotive industry chain in all aspects. Inthe ups and downs of the policy and the market in the showers, Wuxi Lead as aleading supplier of lithium battery equipment shows “China’s newenergy” to contribute their strength.

Annual performance of listedcompanies in 2016

In 2016, Wuxi Lead has made asatisfactory achievement. From January to September 2016, the operating income reached593 million yuan, an increase of 112.81%; net profit of 153 million yuan, anincrease of 128.95%.

Annual innovation products in 2016

The EV Multi-tab winding machinewas awarded Golden Globe Award in 2016. The machine was independently developedby Wuxi Lead through continuous discussion, revision, and test.

The winding machine can achieveultra-low tension to ensure no damage to separator film. The linear speed couldreach 800 mm/s and above with winding efficiency of 6 PPM. The system adoptsETHERCAT bus control with strong capability of anti-interference. High Synchronizationenables super-fast response speed.

(1) Low tension, high speed, high accuracy;tension variation controlled within 6%, surpassing equipment from Korea andJapan.

(2) The alignment controlled within ±0.3mm,lower than other similar equipment on the market which are averagely ±0.6mm andabove.

(3)Overall efficiency is 1.5 -2 times fasterthan similar equipment. Both speed and quality have been improved.

(4)High safety; The design of the machinefully takes into account the element quality, such as dust-prevention, burrprevention and appropriate adoption of spare parts materials.