Prismatic PACK assembly line

Prismatic PACK assembly line

Description :

The assembly line is for prismatic module assembly including PACK box loading, module fixing, accessories assembling, box fixing and module test and unloading to finish the assembly from module to package.


– Machine capacity:≥10JPH  - Production line qualified rate:≥99%  - Production line Uptime:≥95%


– Lower box on conveyor line

– Module auto box inserting

– Module auto tightening

– Copper bar installing

– Wiring harness connecting

– EOL test

– Upper cap installing

– Charging and discharging test

– Air tightness test


Adopt large amount of robots to highly integrate collaborative operations like carrying and tightening. Use advanced prismatic cell box inserting technoogy, CCD photo orientation techology, auto tightening technology, EOL test technology etc. to ensure the high quality and consistency of product assembly.