Prismatic Module Assembly Line

Prismatic Module Assembly Line

Description :

The assembly line is an automatic assembly line including cells loading, washing and gluing, side plate welding, laser welding and module testing and unloading to finish auto assembly from cells to modules.


– Cell tact time:3s/pcs  - Module tact time:35s/pcs(8 cell)  - Production line qualified rate:≥99%  - Production line Uptime:≥95%


– Cell auto loading and code scanning detection

– Cell plasma cleaning

– Cell two-component gluing

– Cell stacking

– Side plate CMT/Laser welding

– CCD positioning

– Busbar laser welding

– EOL test


Adopt large amount of robots to highly integrate collaborative operations like carrying and tightening. Use advanced prismatic cell stacking process technology, laser welding aluminum bars technology, AB two-component gluing technology, plasma cleaning technology, EOL test technology etc. to ensure the high quality and consistency of product assembly.